M is for Mochi

Mmmm… Mochi

We here at .retool. are adventurous eaters. At the same time we can also be a bit skeptical of new food options.  I’m happy to say we have added a new tasty vegan treat to the rotation.

Cashew-date mochi

Cashew-date mochi

I’ve always loved mochi at Japanese restaurants. A particularly pleasing version can be found on the dessert menu at Cha-Ya – they serve warm bits of mochi in an azuki bean sauce.

I’d seen these packages of Mochi for ages at Rainbow Grocery.  But somehow they always seemed just a little too odd.  Until I went shopping when I was hungry.  Strange things happen when I shop while hungry.  Items I would ordinarily never consider purchasing, let alone eating, end up in the cart.  It’s worth it though, because every once in a while I find a new treat.

The mochi was indeed ‘delicious, easy and fun to prepare’ as promised by the packaging.  Basically, you cut the mochi into 1-2″ squares and bake them for 8-10 minutes (easy!).  They puff up (fun!) when they are ready.  The baked mochi puffs are delightfully chewy.  The cashew-date flavor is very slightly sweet and has a touch of cinnamon (delicious!).

I would have included pictures of the finished mochi squares, but I was hungry.  They are all gone.

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