Spotlight on: MultiFlasking

We’re turning the spotlight on someone else for a change and visiting with Kimberley from MultiFlasking.

Come hang out with us while we chat about the creative process and life in the SF Bay Area.

.retool.: What’s your story? How did you end up in the Bay Area, and where did you get those sewing skills?

Kimberley: I moved here 4 years ago for a job and stayed because this is a great city.

I learned how to sew when I was in middle school and did a few projects here and there throughout high school and college. In design school, I was friends and roommates with a lot of Fashion Design and Textile majors. They influenced me and I took a couple of textile and weaving classes and really fell in love with fabric. When I got my first apartment on my own, I also got my first sewing machine and just started challenging myself from pillows to wedding dresses.

.retool.: Where/how does MultiFlasking fit in to your life?

Kimberley: MultiFlasking is part time right now. It allows me to do craft shows and be involved in the Etsy community and meet great people.

.retool.: What led you to the decision to sell your products?

Kimberley: I didn’t see anything out there that was what I was making. I find joy in my products and thought others would too. 

.retool.: Let’s talk a bit about design process and inspiration. Your cuff wallets and backpack laundry bags seem especially well suited for folks with busy, active lives. What sparks an idea for you? 

Kimberley: Well, I’m one of those folks with a busy, active life! The cuff wallets were inspired by my brief stint in running with my friend, Barb, and a few nights out when I had no pockets. I really wanted something to hold my essentials that was fun, comfortable and just the right size.

The backpack laundry bags came from the apartment I live in. It’s the first place I lived where I had to go to the laundromat and I was tired of cutting off my circulation from our existing laundry bag that was a simple drawstring bag. I saw some other designs out there, but they were boring to me. And, I saw these big buttons at the fabric store and knew I wanted to use them. I love big buttons.

See more of the awesome laundry backpacks here.

.retool.: Once you have your ‘next great idea’ what happens next? Do you use family/friends as product testers?

Kimberley: I refine and edit a lot. I like to get the max out of the fabric so there’s a lot of sketching and calculations. There’s usually some cursing and a few trashed ideas. And yes, I use my family and friends as testers.

Kimberley at work


.retool.: What’s next for you and MultiFlasking? Any new products/projects in the works?

Kimberley: It’s spring! And I think it’s finally time to produce the picnic blanket that I’ve been working on for way too long.

The MultiFlasking studio

.retool.: What’s your idea of a perfect day in the Bay Area? What would you do, eat, drink, see, hear?

Kimberley: The day would start not too early with brunch. Plow’s my favorite spot right now, but I also love making brunch. I love eating brunch. It’s my favorite meal. Then, get a Zipcar and head to Mount Tam for a hike followed my some fish Tacos at Joe’s (in Marin). Cap off the evening with hosting dinner with friends with lots of laughing, the kind that brings tears to your eyes. Then veg out in bed while watching something on the laptop – probably some TV series – with my husband, Blake, and our cat, Anisette.

Thanks Kimberley!


Find out more about Kimberley and MultiFlasking here.

Visit the MultiFlasking shop on Etsy here.

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