Behind the Scenes

Here at .retool. headquarters, we love a good outdoor photo shoot. Here’s a behind the scenes look at our most recent one.

Location: Tank Hill (San Francisco)
We chose Tank Hill because it has great views, the rocks make a good background texture, and it’s a pleasant walk from the .retool. workshop.

Subject: Belts
We wanted to get some action shots of our seatbelt webbing belts.  We took five of them with us – black, dark blue, orange, lime green, and grey.

Models: Us
Yup, that’s us in front of the camera. Jacob is in the grey jeans and Jamye is in the dark blue jeans.

Photographers: Us again
We do it all ourselves – it’s more fun that way!

Weather Conditions: Windy!
At times, we were concerned we might actually be blown off the hill. Don’t be fooled by the bright, sunny June day – It was quite chilly here in San Francisco.

Here are a few photos we didn’t end up using.  Click on the photos for a closer view.  Enjoy!


One of the things we like about San Francisco is that no matter where you are, you’re almost always really close to nature and to a more urban environment.  Jamye captured that nicely in this photo with the city peeking out behind the rocks. black-seatbelt-belt
This photo gives you a hint of just how windy it was that day. No matter which side of the rocks we were on, the wind always found us. Jamye is pretty much plastered to the rock in this shot. gray seatbelt belt
If you look closely, you can see the goosebumps on my arms in this one.  We kind of like the idea of taking a series of photos throughout the city with our .retool. shirts visible. retool blue seatbelt belt
King of the Rock. This one is reminiscent of a scene from Godzilla.  Watch out city! king of the rock
This one has a bit of a ’70s vibe to it. We’re thinking of including it in our Pin Up Calendar. (Kidding.) orange seat belt belt
The belts take a well-deserved break from a hard day’s work in front of the camera to enjoy the view. seatbelt belts on a bench

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