Biggie Smalls says, “It’s time to make some wallets!”

Our last mascot was a stick insect named Gustavo. He hung out in the same spot on the back deck for about two weeks. We got a bit used to having him around. And then he was gone.  Before he departed, he was kind enough to sit for this portrait.

Hanging out on the back deck.

Hanging out on the back deck.

We recently came across a stuffed pillow version of Biggie Smalls (!)  and knew instantly that we had found the next .retool. mascot.

The pillow came from a shop called Late Greats that specializes in small pillows of historical figures. Many of them are quite awesome. You can see for yourself here.

Since his arrival, Biggie has been keeping an eye on wallet production.  We’re pretty sure he’ll stick around longer than Gustavo…

Biggie Smalls says, "Get back to work."

Biggie Smalls says, “Get back to work.”