Vegan ‘Likes’ – Clothing & Shoes, Part I

As design geeks and art lovers Jacob and I value clean lines and simple but well-made items. This carries over into our aesthetic tastes for the items we produce for .retool. and also into our personal tastes for vegan items.

Below are some of my current favorite items from vegan-run clothiers & shoe designers. (I wish I could say haberdashers will be included, but I don’t often wear hats.) I’ve marked vegan-owned companies with a (V). There are some honorable mention slots for environmentally/eco focused companies and one or two from major companies that have a particular item that’s vegan. ‘Wish list’ level fare and more budget conscious ones will be interspersed throughout this multi-part roundup. Have fun looking at pretty things!


Vaute Couture – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (V)

Wax cotton pea coat

T-shirt (bonus cute puppy in pic)

T-shirt (puppyless pic) but still a nice shirt

Nau – Portland, OR (Sustainable & Philanthropy)

Oooh, selvage denim. (Ooh hoping for a sale at some point)

Denim jacket

A good wind shirt can go a long way in the land of fog (a.k.a. San Francisco)

Courier wind shirt


Good Guys – Paris, France (V)

I have a crush on their derby style shoes.

‘Aponi’ in navy

My current favorite – Black vegan suede & leather

‘Dean’ in vegan suede & leather

Brave Gentleman – New York, NY (V)

I own a pair of ‘Defender’ boots and love them. When I bought them two years ago Joshua Catcher was in MooShoes (man, I miss MooShoes) but I didn’t want to harrass him by saying hello. If you like patent ‘leather’ you’ll like the upcoming 2014-2015 line.

‘Worker’ in tan


Only two of their lines are absolutely vegan. The Bullet, below and the Jazz Low Pro. I’ve been fooled before! These are clearly labeled on their website as vegan though and have been verified by a number of folks on the interwebs by talking to sales reps.


To be continued…


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