A Vegan Feast

On Thursday, the .retool. extended family (Jacob, Jamye, and Will) got together for a vegan feast.  Jamye and I planned a rather eclectic menu:

  • toasted bread with avocado and cilantro jalapeno cashew cream;
  • spring rolls with Jamaican Jerk tofu, rice stick noodles, carrots, and lettuce;
  • collard green rolls with black eyed peas and barbecue sauce;
  • pumpkin curry; and
  • cranberry muffins.

Given the wide ranging influences of the menu, we were pleasantly surprised that all of the flavors worked really well together.

Much of the prep work was done in advance, including marinating and baking the tofu, preparing the black eyed peas, and making the muffin batter.  I was in charge of the bread and spring rolls, Jamye tackled the collard greens, pumpkin curry, and muffins, while Will handled a bunch of the prep work.

Here are some photos and yes, everything did taste as good as it looks!  🙂

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