Noe Valley – A couple of quick food options

Food Options in Noe Valley

You can’t take more than ten steps along 24th Street in Noe Valley without encountering a restaurant.

We wanted to point out two inexpensive spots with vegan options on the menu.

Hahns Hibachi (yes, we know Korean BBQ doesn’t scream vegan options) has jap chae that comes with nicely seared tofu, really fresh broccoli, spinach and carrot mixed in with the noodles. Again, can’t vouch for the piles of meat – we’re just happy that when we’ve gone in for lunch it hasn’t smelled strongly of cooking beef. The Noe location is on Castro Street near 24th Street.

Half a block away, along 24th Street is The Little Chihuahua. Their vegetarian black beans and rice are seasoned well, will fill you up, and will give you a little more spring in your step as you dodge strollers and dogs on your way to the Mission. A close second on the .retool. rating system would be their tofu taco gluten free version, served on a corn tortilla. If you’re super hungry, get both and you’ll still only spend about $7.

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