Vegan Restaurant Review!

Thai Idea

Anyone who knows us at all is aware that we love pumpkin curry. We are a discriminating duo, certainly, but have encountered a few pumpkin curries along the away that strike our fancy. The problem – either they are in a different city… we’re looking at you NYC and Seattle, or they were in San Francisco but are now defunct à la Suriya Thai in the Mission. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – ‘we’re awash in Thai restaurants, fool!’ To you, I say, not vegan ones…

Which brings me to… fanfare please… Thai Idea. Okay, okay I know it’s not a new joint. No one told me about it though, I had to stumble across it in the Tenderloin myself. Jacob was immediately on board for the .retool. field trip. We had Pumpkin Curry, Volcanic Beef, and Firecracker Balls. (The last one was ordered because we’re immature sometimes. Don’t think it’s funny? Go back and read the name again… yeah, we thought so.)

If I tried to describe the firecracker balls to you it wouldn’t make sense. Just order them and be happy. They are salty, a little spicy, and a little bit sweet. I could be all culinary and call them umami but I’m not gonna. They are tasty. Though, in our excitement we neglected to order the pumpkin curry “medium spicy” it had a decent amount of heat and the kabocha was spot on.  The tofu in it was a bit crunchy in a good way and a little bit tart and the veggies weren’t an afterthought, for once. The volcanic beef, as one could probably tell from the name, is more assertive in spice-factor. It’s quite a good sized portion even when splitting it – somehow we persevered.

If we’d had more room, we would have kept eating. No more pining away for Pukk in NYC for me! Wish I’d known about this place sooner.

A distinct bonus was that despite the Sturm und Drang of the immediate area it was quiet and tranquil inside. Eat there, now (or soon) but save us some curry.

Thai Idea

710 Polk Street ( near Eddy & probably under some scaffolding) on the east side of the street.

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